When Words Fall Short: An Attempt At Taste Profiling

Dec 14, 2022

Language Is No Match For The Palate

Just days ago, we released Woodworks Western Gin and Four-Grain Mash Vodka. What could those adjectives possibly reveal, you might ask? How does one suitably describe the experience one can expect in the glass? We’ll give it a try here:

The Western Gin is a “new world” gin. That means it’s more citrusy and floral. It’s more approachable than old world gins. Take that as an invitation to try our Dry Gin, which we just started producing. To be called a gin, the pure spirit must meet a minimum exposure to juniper. But the Western sees, in addition, our own botanical blend that invites you to explore areas of the tongue and mouth with which you may be less familiar. WHAT?

Our first bottling is kind of cloudy. Why? Because you’re actually seeing the botanical oils expressing themselves visually — as well as on the palate. We think that’s cool. (In all candor, it may not occur in every bottling.) Of course, we’re curious to learn what you think.

The Dry Gin, which we began bottling late last week and which you can now purchase, is an honorable homage to the old world standards to which gin owes its origins. You’ll recognize the crisp, foresty juniper! You’ll also want to do your own taste test and comparison.

Now. The Four-Grain Mash Vodka. WOW. May we never run out! This mash-up offers you a robust adventure. It introduces itself with a soft, rolling sweetness, courtesy of the wheat and corn working together. Then barley gives it another kind of sweet interior. Finally, the rye waves a gallant good bye on the way down. The combination gives the spirit a structure that holds together all our wishful attempts at description.

More Spirited News Soon: Preface Series Rye & Bourbon will be on hand soon. These spirits will also be rolling into retailers, too. We shall keep you posted!

Dave and your spirited friends at Woodworks Distilling Co.

As always, let the spirit move you responsibly.

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