Woodworks Barrel-Aged Gin Took Its Damn Time. But It’s Worth it!

May 24, 2023

From the outset, we promised you a barrel-aged gin. And we declared that it would take some time to make its appearance. We figured maybe three months, but it’s taken almost five!

We’ve already shared our Dry and Western Gins with you, each with distinct botancial blends. We could have used one of those tasty gins to age in the barrel. But we crafted yet another distinctive spirit, designed to embrace the toasted oak staves of bourbon barrels. (We even used the barrels that brought you our Preface Series Bourbon.)

A Note On The Color and the Flavor Profile

It’s light in color, but rich in flavor — just as we expected. Look for this slightly caramel colored spirit to yield cardamom and grains of paradise that fade to cinnamon and ginger. These flavors mellow to allspice and mild notes of caramel and toasted sugar … all complemented by a mouthful of spicy, sweet ginger, followed by peppercorn and cardamom. We told you it would tell a complex tale. Right! Thankfully, we let this Barrel-Aged Gin tell us when it was ready. Salud.

(Don’t forget, our Dry Gin has already been awarded by the ADI International Spirits Competition. We hope this Barrel-Aged Gin will join the awarded ranks, as well!)

Come To Woodworks Distilling Co To Taste It Now!

You know you’re ready to dive into this novel spirit. Come into the distillery at 912 W Britton Road, OKC — where you can get it pronto. Or visit your favorite restaurant, bar or retailer, where you can request it.

Don’t forget, Woodworks spirits are now available in over 100 locations across Oklahoma. Find the retailer, restaurant or bar near you. Tell your friends to sign up for the latest news.

Stay in the know as our story continues to unfold,
Dave and the spirited folks at Woodworks Distillilng Co.

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