How Cool Is This!?

Jun 15, 2023

VERBODE ranks Woodworks Distilling Co. as the #2 out of Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts!

Here’s what they had to say about Woodworks.

“Taking the esteemed number 2 spot on our list of the “Top 10 Local Gifts for Father’s Day” is Woodworks Distilling Company, a true haven for spirits enthusiasts and connoisseurs. If your dad enjoys the finer things in life, then a visit to Woodworks Distilling Company is an absolute must. Located in the Britton District, Woodworks Distilling Company is a craft distillery that specializes in producing exceptional small-batch spirits. From meticulously crafted bourbons and whiskies to exquisite gins and vodkas, their offerings are a testament to the art of distillation. Treat your dad to a guided tour of the distillery, where he can witness the intricate process of spirit-making and gain insights from the passionate experts behind the scenes. To top it all off, their on-site tasting room provides the perfect setting to savor the flavors and nuances of their handcrafted spirits. Whether your dad is a seasoned spirit enthusiast or simply enjoys a quality drink, Woodworks Distilling Company offers an unforgettable Father’s Day gift that will delight his palate and elevate his appreciation for fine spirits.”

See Verbode’s Top Ten Father’s Day List here.
We’re pleased as … cocktail!

Still time left to treat Dad!
Dave and the spirited folks at Woodworks

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