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Like a great novel, a craft beverage has its own story, its inspiration, its heroes and hurdles, its own unique finish.

Our vision is to create a distillery that tells those unique stories in every pour. Refined tastes that reflect the provenance the process and the passion that brought it into being. Wood influences every facet of the making, literally and figuratively … so that our spirit might influence every dimension of your own.

Dave Wood, David Alexander

Meet The Authors

We could go the traditional route and tell you how many years we’ve worked in the trade and how we’ve learned that trade. Let’s just say the years do add up and the lessons have, too. Which has made us either brave enough or foolish enough to think we can do this distillery thing in a way that the most astute and discerning among you will find appealing. We know you welcome new experiences. Sometimes because you seek out novelty. Other times, because even though you know what you like, you’re always open to testing your preferences.

What really matters is that we believe you’re thirsty not only for a distinctive spirit, but that you are a distinctive spirit, yourself. So, we’ve dared to jump in full barrel. And hope to earn your trial and your on-going support. Join us and together we’ll write the next chapter in the tale of world-class craft distilling. One that we trust will be told time and again into the future.

Dave Wood

Founder & CEO

Managerial. Multi-faceted. Determined. Dave has been imagining Woodworks Distilling Co. for, well, years. The idea may have even been sparked way back in his early days in retail, which leveraged his willing engagement with customers and vendors alike. Then, he got involved in warehousing and distribution. Then he jumped into parsing the distilling and brewing world. Then into the planning and funding avenues that are the backbone of starting any business. Now here we are. In the opening pages of a novel exercise in the art and science of distilling spirits and raising spirits. Cheers.

David Alexander


Chemist. Regulatory guru. Cocktail designer. David brings a heady mix of science, legal savvy and damn good taste to his position as distiller at Woodworks. How many distillations? When to add in what botanicals? How long to age? The wherefores and know-hows of tasting? These are the topics he ponders even in his sleep. He’s got that southern distilling sensitivity in his blood. If you ask him how that spirit you’re sampling got here, he’ll be able to tell you every bit of its story.

Woodworks Spirits Are Only Part Of The Story

The rest is yours to share. As it unfolds, you’ll join the authorial ranks, too.

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