The Heat Is On

Oct 23, 2022

Boiler Fired Up. System Charged. Grain On-Hand. One Crucial Step Remains …

On October 20th, we fired up the boiler and began generating steam, accompanied by the sigh of relief that comes with “No Leaks!” Plus, our first shipment of grains arrived, as did an overdue refrigeration unit and an errant plumbing part, lost in the shipping channels, was located. Aha!

Woodworks has earned its Certificate of Occupancy and its Certificate of Compliance. Within hours of achieving those crucial milestones, we had our paperwork in the hands of state boards. Now … we’re all on pins and needles, awaiting that last licensing approval.

When we get the final thumbs-up, we’ll crank up the heat for real and begin crafting those heady concoctions we’ve all been aiming for. Better still, we’ll get ready for the most crucial step of all: welcoming you into our tasting room for your introduction to the spirits of Woodworks Distilling Co.

Thanks for signing up. Tell a friend (over 21). We want to share our crafting story with as many folks as possible.

Dave and your spirited friends at Woodworks Distilling Co.

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