Introducing Woodworks Preface Series Pg I

Jan 8, 2023

As you know, whiskeys require time in the barrel to become the favored flavors we all covet. As Woodworks has recently secured its license, we’ve only just begun to distill. We brought you vodka and gin immediately; they’re ready to go day one. But it will be months before we bring you our own distinctive rye and bourbon. In the interim, we’ve secured high-end rye and bourbon from scrutinized sources to give you at least a hint of the taste profiles you can expect from Woodworks in the future. Each Preface Series edition will be designated with a letter, as are the pages in the preface to a great American novel. We invite you to enjoy these fine spirits now in anticipation of signature spirits to come.

The first offerings from the Preface Series were sourced from the fine folks at MGP. The rye mash bill includes 95% milled rye. The bourbon includes 21% rye. Here’s what you can expect.

Woodworks Preface Series Bourbon Pg I — 110 Proof: Look for this roasted almond offering to yield caramel, brown sugar and malted corn on the nose, with a complex palate of maple, tobacco, toasted oak, almond and walnut that closes with a smooth burn and notes of leather and a rye spin at the finish.

Woodworks Preface Series Rye Pg I — 115 Proof: Look for this beautiful deep amber spirit to yield a sweet, dark stone fruit, stacked wood and tanned leather on the nose. Savor a mouthful of early, approachable notes: spicy rye, raw wood, caramel, and hints of butterscotch and burned sugar, with a peppery, structured, yet smooth tannic finish.

Come by the distillery to purchase. Look for these new bottlings at your favorite retailer soon!

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