Every Day Is Spirited At Woodworks

Apr 18, 2023

What’s Your Favorite Day Of The Week At Woodworks?

We’ve just put a new spin on each day of the week at Woodworks Distilling Co. Hint: you can pick more than one!

Monday: Yeah, we’re usually closed. But one Monday a month, we’ll feature a Speakeasy Day. Woodworks will be open for a distinct group of folks such as teachers, firefighters, veterans, etc. You’ll need to watch our posts on Instagram and Facebook to see who gains entry next.
Tuesday: Pour Choices. Every Tuesday, we’ll offer our special beverages in flights so that you can find a new favorite. You pick three sample size portions of our tasty items and keep the glass.
Wednesday: Apparel Day. Easy. Don your Woodworks apparel and enjoy a cocktail for only $10. Come in soon and pick up new merch so you qualify for this super fair fare.
Thursday:  Storyteller Artist Series. Or better yet, A Story Told In Every Song! We’ve asked each artist to share their personal stories around the songs they choose; creating intimate connections between the song, the musician and the audience. We have three booked, already. More to come.
Friday: Well, Friday is Friday. It doesn’t get any more appealing than that. Right?
Saturday: Random Glass Of Kindness. Blind to the mixologists will be a marked glass on our shelves. The lucky guest who gets that secret glass earns a free tasting.
Sunday: Bloody Mary Sunday. We’ll be specializing in Bloody Marys, featuring Woodworks spirits, of course. And, we’ll even offer you yummy snacks to accompany your amazing creation!

Try one. Try them all. Stick with us as the next chapter in craft spirits unfolds day by day.
Dave and the spirited folks at Woodworks Distillilng Co.

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