As Soon As We Are ABLEd

Nov 17, 2022

Got The Verbal Thumbs Up. All We Need Now: The Official Paperwork!

On November 8th, Woodworks Distilling Co got the verbal okay for production from the Oklahoma ABLE Commission. On November 9th, we fired up the boiler, measured out batches of milled corn and have begun steaming the whole shebang through multiple runs to get into shape for the totally legit, totally novel, totally story-worthy stuff we’ve all been working towards.

David Alexander, our distiller, has been waiting for this moment for weeks now. (Haven’t we all!?) It’s been a test of patience as the still has been sitting still, all plumbed and steam-tight, ready for the green light. Soon, he’ll begin producing Four-Grain Mash Vodka, Old World Gin and New World Gin, tweaking the blend of botanicals to just the right profile to kick things off just in time for a spirited Woodworks holiday.

Hang tight meanwhile. We’ll announce when we get our hard copy approval as soon as we get it. Then we’ll let you know when our doors will be open for your first visit. AND we’ll proceed with writing the next chapters in the story of craft distilling … together.

Thanks for signing up. Tell a friend (over 21). We want to share our crafting story with as many folks as possible.

Dave and your spirited friends at Woodworks Distilling Co.

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