Still Is Still Moving To Us

Oct 11, 2022

The Woodworks Distilling Co. 500 gallon copper still, originally made in Kentucky bourbon country, came to us here in Britton District from out west. It was transported here from a place you can trace on an imaginary line drawn from Sacramento, CA, north and east across the Sierra Nevada range, through the Eldorado Forest, skimming over Lake Tahoe and through Carson City, NV, to a ranch-based distillery surrounded by fields of wind-swept gold; that is, if you’re prone to picturing locations in your mind. As such, it has generated some heat and seen some heat, not entirely unlike what it will provide and experience right here in our intermittently humid and dry, toasty and chill Oklahoma clime.

Our honorable still has been broken in, boiling and trickling some fine fine stuff, mostly of the whiskey variety. Once it was disassembled out there and transported back here by truck and road, it took more than a little diligent labor with many a buffing pad and some fastidious human perseverance to burnish away its well-earned tarnish and make it shine like a bell tower again. But it is a sight for thirsty eyes now that it is hand-polished and true.

Those of you who have visited us early on here have been joined by more and more curious parties each day. So not only is the temperature rising, but the word is spreading. We invite you to sign up for our email updates. Tell a friend (over 21). We want to share our crafting story with as many folks as possible, so you can all lift your spirit with one from Woodworks.

More soon,

Your spirited friends at Woodworks Distilling Co.

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