On The Verge Of Firing Everything Up!

Oct 11, 2022


You are among the first to check into Woodworks news. So we thank you for visiting. Soon … you’ll be able to visit The Real Thing. The foreword to our story is about to wrap up, which means that we’re about to secure all the approvals necessary and we’ll be firing up the boiler, mashing grain, distilling spirits. All so you can lift a spirit to our shared future. Window signage is up and before long, echoing the grand days of theater, you’ll see a new marquee. And we plan to be open yet this Fall. Stay tuned for actual open date. First, with a few spirits that can be bottled right out of the fire. Then we’ll be adding other spirits that just demand a bit more time. You’ll be curious to learn about our special “Preface” series of rye and bourbon to come.

We can’t wait to share each chapter as we write the future of craft distilling in Oklahoma in the days and months ahead.

Your friends at Woodworks Distilling Co.


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